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Featuring the expressionistic contemporary art by Luc Freymanc: Pen and ink drawings, pencil drawings, brush drawings and paintings that breathe new life into an subject that has fascinated artists for centuries.

Jesus Christ Drawings:
Artwork by Luc Freymanc is now making this collection more widely known and available. Those who have been seeking contemporary Christian art for display can access these drawings and paintings for use in website development, marketing materials, internal documents, and more.

Churches, schools, and individuals seeking Christian religious drawings, sketches and paintings for clip art use find the complete image library with images for download as well as the terms of free use at  

This website, Jesus Christ Drawings: Artwork by Luc Freymanc, showcases and discusses selected new drawings and sketches.

About the Artwork
All sketches and drawings are completely original and can be accessed at any time via a free download. This collection of religious Christian sketches, paintings and prints is continually added to and updated.

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